Cover for Eva Longoria Foundation that shows logo design and happy girls smiling

Eva Longoria Foundation

The Eva Longoria Foundation is a wonderful organization helping young Latino women to reach their full potential. The ELF brand was outdated, and in collaboration with team Sharq, we were given the opportunity to build a fresh new experience that showcased cultural diversity, innovation, and a positive (and equal) attitude.
The project resulted in a clearly communicated brand and online experience, enhancing the brand's online presence. Based on the target audience, sponsors, and donor feedback, the ELF website has received high praise from its peers.
Our team efforts have enhanced overall exposure and increased sponsors and donations at various levels, therefore, increasing the organization's positive reach.


Brand Identity
Web Design
Corporate Stationary

In collaboration with sharq.

Presentation for Eva Longoria foundation Logo Design printed on a paper
Presentation of a part of Eva Longoria Foundation website on a laptop
Eva Longoria Foundation website presentation of various pages
Eva Longoria Foundation Stationary and website presentation on a tablet
Eva Longoria Foundation responsive website design on mobile and tablet presentation
Eva Longoria Foundation end image presenting parts of website design on all devices including laptop, tablet and mobile

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