Presentation of a Sticky Karma brand packaging design next to a bowl with noodles

Sticky Karma

Noodles are not good when sticky, but this brand will surely stick to you. Taking something traditional and giving it a modern twist, yet keeping the sense of minimalism, was our direction for the brand to approach it to a broader audience. By picking bright colors, we've made the brand stand out and be easily recognizable on an Amazon listing or a shelf.

As a result, Sticky Karma could compete with some of the most successful brands on the market, securing good karma in the future.


Brand Development
Creative Direction
Logo Design
Packaging Direction & Design
Packaging Renders for Amazon listing
Editorial/Layout Design (Cookbook Design)

Sticky Karma logo design presentation
Sticky Karma stationary design presentation
Sticky Karma product with noodles photography
Photography of Sticky Karma product together with business cards design
Sticky Karma Recipes book design presentation. Inside pages and cover pages
Presentation of Sticky Karma business cards design
Sticky Karma package design presentation
Sticky karma package design presentation for top angle
Sticky Karma product in use
Sticky Karma package design presentation
Top view of Sticky Karma package design with a product on top of packaging

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