Cover image for Bathke Bespoke branding. Handmade shoes

Bathke Bespoke

Working for startup organizations excites and motivates us, so we have cherished working on a project as captivating as BATHKE BESPOKE. In late 2016, we were given the opportunity to do branding for one of the most impressive shoe products to hit the industry, a unique handmade approach to shoes and accessories. Along with rolling out various print and digital marketing materials and campaign strategies, we had to cohesively build a brand that reflected the authenticity of their products and represented the company's distinctive style and personality.

As a result, we were noticed by many high-profile clients who have commissioned BB's shoes, namely Sofia Coppola.


Brand Development
Creative Direction
Editorial/Layout Design
Merch Design
Packaging Direction & Design
Print Design
Kickstarter Design
Website Design
UI & UX Design

Photography of Bathke Bespoke founders
Photography of red leather Bathke Bespoke handmade shoes
Presentation of parts of Bathke Bespoke logo designs including women symbol, heart shape and the full logo
Presentation of a logo design for Bathke Bespoke on a envelope business cards and memorandum.
Photography of black Bathke Bespoke shoes with embroidery kilt
Bathke Bespoke logo design embedding process on a shoes presented as a gif
Line up of various Bathke bespoke shoes in a workshop
Photography of a customer wearing Bathke Bespoke shoes surrounded by dogs
Presentation of Bathke Bespoke on a kickstarter including mobile and tablet view as well as laptop
Ensemble of various Bathke Bespoke shoes with a monogram behind
Photography of girls playing cards while wearing Bathke bespoke shoes
Photography of a model and Bathke Bespoke sandals
Presentation of a packaging design for Bathke Bespoke shoes including custom booklet design as a present for customers
Photography of a customer wearing Bathke Bespoke shoes while sitting in a recording studio
Photography of models wearing Bathke Bespoke shoes on a set
Photographs of various customers wearing Bathke Bespoke shoes
Photography of Bathke Bespoke shoes on a case
Bathke Bespoke website design presentation on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

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